JudiTeilor Chihuahua Kennel is one of the most famous in Belarus. Each dog in the kennel is surrounded by attention, love and care!

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Judi Teilor Chihuahua kennel FCI is engaged exclusively in one of the most devoted and smallest dogs in the world – Chihuahua, in our kennel you can buy, as short-haired Chihuahua, as well as long-haired representatives of the breed. We regularly participate in dog shows, both in Belarus, and abroad. Our cattery Chihuahua is included in international organization FCI and has the corresponding certificate. All puppies of kennel receive pedigree documents, the international veterinary passport, and also are completely vaccinated at the moment of departure from kennel. The geography of residence of our graduates is very broad: Europe, Israel, Russia, Belarus, USA (LA, New Yourk, Washington), Germany, Italy, Ireland, UK, Portugal, Poland, Montenegro, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Australia, the Netherlands….. Each puppy is examined by a veterinarian before leaving the kennel. If you want to buy purebred Chihuahua puppies without surprises, you can buy a puppy Chihuahua from us. Dogs purchased in our kennel receive life-long advice for owners if necessary we will help prepare the dog for an exhibition, assist in veterinary care, we are constantly in touch.

Our kennel is located in Belarus. Delivery of puppies is made all over the world!

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You can always check any information about planned litters at the kennel. We will be glad to help you with your choice of a Chihuahua puppy!

We regularly hold webinars for owners of Chihuahuas and constantly work with our owners telling and helping in education and development of graduates! We hold events for Chihuahuas!

Our dogs are starring in movies and commercials!

If you want to buy Chihuahua in Europe you can contact us. In kennel there are all conditions for professional breeding of Chihuahuas. Our Chihuahuas have strong immunity, regularly vaccinated. Our puppies have excellent healthy psyche and will not be aggressors, so they are perfect for a family with children. We regularly carry out preventive examinations of our Chihuahuas in the state clinic. Our nursery works with professional zoo-couriers, therefore delivery of puppies Chihuahua is carried out worldwide, also we help to issue all necessary documents for crossing borders (veterinary certificates), if necessary sending in the countries demanding titers on rabies we carry out this test in clinics.

Progeny of our kennel have all necessary titles and estimations for breeding work, received at exhibitions from different experts of FCI. We carry out breeding work only under the provisions of the FCI. Kennel producers are made tests for patella.

Dogs of our kennel are kept in excellent conditions: free range, a large private house with heating, fed exclusively with dry Super Premium class feed, all dogs are fully vaccinated and hold an annual revaccination, are treated against worms and parasites. We do not keep animals in cages – it is a principal position of our kennel.

Kennel Kennel JudiTeilor Chihuahua offers Chihuahua puppies for exhibitions, for family, for breeding work. In our kennel puppies are born Mini Chihuahua, as well as standard. We are engaged and short-haired Chihuahua and long-haired Chihuahua. In our kennel collected all possible colors Chihuahua.

We are constantly improving, our cattery cooperates with leading catteries and breeders chihuahua Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Europe.

You can write us on viber/whatsapp/telegram +375298592555 we will answer all your questions


Our kennel is located in Belarus. Delivery of puppies is made all over the world! Republic of Belarus ,Brest region, Brest district, v. Malye Radvanichi, Brestskaya street, 30 +375298592555 (viber, whatsapp, telegram)
You pay a deposit of 30% of the cost of the puppy, the puppy is considered reserved after receiving the money. The rest of the amount you pay to the courier after receiving the puppy. Delivery (if you are in Europe), is paid at the time of receipt of the puppy by the courier.
The cost of delivery is not included in the price of the puppy. The cost of delivery should be clarified with the carrier before booking the puppy.
We ship puppies only with verified carriers with a license
Yes of course we can take a puppy photo and video especially for you and we can also video link with you to show you the puppy online
FCI pedigree registered in your name, international veterinary passport, veterinary certificate
Each puppy costs differently and depends on the class of pet, breed or show. Check the cost on whatsapp/telegram/viber +375298592555
Yes all of our puppies and dogs are FCI registered
We keep our dogs in great conditions, you can see them on our website. The key criterion of our kennel is the health of our dogs and puppies. In our kennel all the dogs are examined by a veterinarian, they are regularly vaccinated and all are absolutely healthy!
You can write us on viber/whatsapp/telegram +375298592555 we will answer all your questions