21.08.2022 there was an exhibition in Brest of Fauna club, thanks to expert Anatoly Zhuk for expertise, Our results:

Grey Judy Taylor -CAC, BOB

Alice Judy Taylor -CAC

Platinum Kid Emilya Fortuna — CAC , BOS

Lesya Judy Taylor — very promising

Leah Louise Beaverdorf Brunen — CAC

Sozhsky Champi — CAC

Evrita Alazar Zador — CAC, BOS, BOB

Thank you very much Anastasia Adamovich for helping us to show our chihi, thanks to Sergey Pet Delivery Kanaev for the excellent show

Our results at the show on July 30, 2022 club «Droog» Bereza, expert Lyudmila Glukhova (Russia)

Alisa Judy Taylor — CAC, Best of Breed, Best of Breed

Lesya Judy Taylor — Best Baby, Best of Show

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