Delivery of dogs from our kennel is organized in accordance with the current legislation of the countries. All the nuances of delivery you can clarify with us by phone or messenger: +375 29 859 25 55

If you are from Belarus — we make delivery by ourselves, because each case is unique and we solve all questions individually.

If you’re in the European Union, the delivery will be made by legal pet-courier with all the necessary documentation.

If you’re a resident of other countries — you can be delivered by air or ground transport, we have couriers in almost all countries of the world.

Cost of delivery and registration of export pedigrees (in case the puppy is purchased outside the Republic of Belarus) is not included in the cost of the puppy and is paid separately, courier delivery is paid directly to the carrier

You can come to our kennel yourself, the documents to take a puppy abroad will be executed by our vet with the state license on the same day. (puppies must be of a certain age and undergo a rabies quarantine, every country has its own conditions of entry.)

In Europe we use the services of the company: Sp. Ltd. Adress: street Wloki 67A, 02-995, Warszawa, Poland