At what age is it best to pick up a Chihuahua puppy?

There is an opinion that a puppy should be taken to a new home as early as possible. This is a common opinion, but it is wrong. When weaning a puppy early (even if she is not already nursing), problems await the owner, as well as the puppy himself. Zoopsychologists point out that when a puppy is weaned early, later in life, the dog can develop serious behavioral problems and mental development disorders.
Cynologists, from their point of view, are also of the opinion that the early weaning of the puppy from his mother does not affect the formation of character in the best way. So, being in a small pack, the puppies learn basic skills from their mother — behavior with the elders and their littermates. For the puppy in the future the owner should be not just the owner, but the leader. Otherwise, problems with the dog’s behavior and refusal to obey, ensured.
The optimal age for moving to a new home is 3 months. In this period, the puppy should already have all the vaccinations done and in the pack, the baby has received enough skills. Vaccinated babies can walk outside, eat dry food well and are accustomed to the litter box.