What to feed a chihuahua?

A very frequent question about the nutrition of the chihuahua, although we have already touched upon it many times. Our dogs eat exclusively dry food of super-premium class, which already contains all necessary vitamins and minerals as for babies, and already for adult dogs. It is very difficult to balance the diet of the chihuahua at home. If you feed your dog natural food, there is a need for various supplements such as calcium, etc. From personal experience we can say that problems frequently arise with owners who add natural products to the diet — these are and eye leaks, allergies, intestinal disorders, liver problems… Then begins a trip to the vet, medication and, of course, a veterinary diet often in the form of DRY FOOD.
Another argument why we do not feed natural food to dogs, because we have many dogs and food must be balanced, varied, fresh … And what about teeth, feeding dry food we do tooth brushing with ultrasound once a year … And what about the summer time, when flies fly, on the street heat …
Based on the practice of feeding dry food, the blood work (both general and biochemistry) we have good, the dogs are in great shape, so why complicate things?
It is also VERY often said that my dog doesn’t eat dry food — let’s answer that statement as well. The Chihuahuas are very sly, you have given 1 time tasty, 2 times — what does further dog, it waits from you even more tasty and tastier and problems begin….
At a choice of dry food pay attention that it had no flavor enhancers, consult your veterinarian, make analysis of blood … Good Health to you and Your tails!